COVID-19 regulations


Since May 11th I am allowed to work again. I want to keep the integrity of the work as pure as possible although there are strict measurements and protocols that need to be followed with no exception.

Please read the following guidelines information.


 You can book an appointment if:

  • you have not had a fever, cough, throat pain, running nose,… in the past 24 hours.

  • at this moment you do not have hay-fever, or other allergies that manifest with the same symptoms from above.

  • you have not had contact with a roommate / friend / family member or other person who has or had the new coronavirus while he / she still had complaints in the past 14 days.

  • you are not quarantined at this moment because of previous exposure to the new corona virus.

  • Note: if after making the appointment and before the appointment time and day any of the above has changed, please reschedule or cancel the appointment.


During the appointment: 

  • Wash your hands upon arrival and after the treatment.

  • Do not shake hands or have physical contact greetings.

  • Except during the time of the treatment, maintain the 1,5m distance at all times.

  • The offering of any drinks or beverages is not allowed, please bring your own bottle.


Note: this measurements apply on top of the general measurments indicated by the dutch government.

Thank you for you support, 

Albert Garcia Ordinas


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