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Naturopathic treatments involve complementary therapeutic approaches that stimulate the body's self-healing abilities and aim for balance on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

All treatments provided by me, Albert Garcia Ordinas, are focused on supporting your physical, mental, and emotional health. I work with complementary therapies, including massage therapy and bodywork techniques to professionally treat you.

I start all my appointments with a an intake, listening to your life situation and giving attention to understand your complaint(s) and treatment goal(s). With that information, we will determine together which treatment(s) can be more appropriate for you and I will tailor the treatment session accordingly. During your treatment I am dedicated to supporting you within my professional capabilities. After the treatment session I give time to answer questions you might have about it, as well as sharing care tips for you to take home (if appropriate).

Read below about the therapeutic treatment options that I work with:



Hands-on manipulation of soft and deep tissues used to address: 

(including but not limited to)

  • stress related complaints

  • burnout

  • sports related complaints

  • chronic physical pain

  • fatigue

  • headaches and migraine

  • support injury recovery

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A manual therapy technique that targets the fascia and connective tissue to:

  • alleviate pain

  • improve mobility

  • enhance flexibility

  • release tension

  • support injury recovery

  • enhance athletic performance

  • treat postural imbalances

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Scar manual therapy is a targeted technique aiming to improve scars appearance and functionality:

  • increase mobility

  • reduce pain

  • improve tissue flexibility

  • minimize adhesions

  • enhance circulation

  • remodel scar tissue  

  • support for overall skin health

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Openig hours


Paramedisch Centrum In de Praktijk

IJburglaan 903 

1087 EN IJburg



Mondays: 9am - 8pm

Tuesdays: 9am - 6pm

Wednesdays: 9am - 8pm

Thursdays: 9am - 8pm

Fridays: 9am - 8pm

Saturdays: 11am - 5pm

Sundays: closed


*Check with your health insurance company if your treatment can be reimbursed. 


60 minutes €89

75 minutes €109

90 minutes €119

About me





massage and  fascia therapist
BATC therapist

From the international dance stage to fascia and massage therapy. My unique journey led to a profound understanding of the body and mind. This is my story. ​ I was born and raised in Mallorca and moved to Barcelona at the age of fifteen to study contemporary dance at the professional conservatory. At a young age, I pushed my body to its limits with the goal of a professional dance career. Successfully, after my training, I performed for over 10 years with international companies worldwide, exploring corners of the globe and encountering diverse groups of people and cultures. Extensive travel combined with daily athletic pursuits sometimes took its toll, leading to numerous injuries, surgery, and introducing me to expert physical and manual therapists from around the world. This experiences ignited my interest in deeper understanding of the human body and health. ​ Fascinated by biology, medical science, and emotional intelligence, I decided to delve into quiromassage in Barcelona. This deepened my interest in the connection between the body and mind, prompting me to study yoga in India. I chose at the age of 23 to work as a therapist, balancing it with a touring dance career for over seven years. ​ Five years ago, I decided it was time to fully focus on my work as a therapist. Making a significant change, I relocated to Amsterdam, where I continued to work as a yoga instructor in various studios. In the meantime, I studied fascia therapy in The Netherlands and established myself as a freelance massage and fascia therapist in a holistic center in De Pijp. There, I supported treatments to alleviate physical pain and injuries while enhancing the understanding of physical, mental, and emotional health. ​ Recently, I relocated my practice to a paramedic center in IJburg. In my practice, I assist people in managing physical complaints and discomfort, stress related issues, supporting athletes in improving their physical condition and recovery. My approach involves personalised treatments, acknowledging the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and emotion in the therapeutic process. Client understanding is paramount, and each treatment is tailored to individual needs. Drawing from my own career experiences, I am known for professionalism, understanding of physical capabilities, empathy, and personal care. I look forward every day to supporting people with their well-being and meeting new individuals, each with their own inspiring story and challenges. Feel free to explore my website for more information or visit my practice. Expect a warm welcome with a listening ear: someone eager to discover with you what you need. ​ Book your appointment here. Looking forward to meeting you, ​ Albert G.

I am a registered BATC therapist

A BATC therapist works based on the 5 nature-oriented principles: ​ THE FIVE NATURAL PRINCIPLES ​ The five Nature-oriented principles The treatments by a BATC therapist are based on the five nature-oriented principles. These principles arise from a number of natural laws. To be and remain healthy, each of these principles must be in balance, including their mutual coherence. The five principles are not only separate from each other, but are also interdependent on each other. They are like a wickerwork and influence each other. An example is that if someone does not consume enough good food, their energy balance will not be optimal. When someone worries a lot, this will also cost the body energy. Therefore, all five principles and their interrelationships need to be looked at. Below you can find, in the correct order, a concise explanation of the five nature-oriented principles according to BATC. ​ 1. Energy Everything in and around us consists of energy. Energy is seen worldwide as the basis of life. Energy forms the basis of the BATC therapist's treatments. The principles of stimulus transfer, drainage, nutrition and mental well-being can only be worked on when your energy management is in order. Without energy the body does not function optimally and healing cannot take place. It is a first priority to ensure that you have sufficient energy, that there is a balanced flow of energy and that any blockages are removed. ​ 2. Stimulus transfer The transmission of stimuli is achieved via your nervous system. Stimuli are sent via the nervous system to the rest of your body via the brain. But also the other way around, stimuli are sent from your body to your brain. The nervous system is the communication network or 'telephone line' of your body. Pain stimuli, for example, have a function to respond correctly and quickly in certain situations. The stimulus transfer also ensures that certain signals, for example about what you need for recovery, are passed on to the body. Good stimulus transmission is indispensable for proper functioning and recovery. ​ 3. Drainage In daily life, our body regularly has to deal with overload due to waste products. Some external causes may be: inhaling polluted air (heavy metals) or certain substances such as pesticide residues, dioxins or certain additives in our diet. In addition, our body itself can create an overload of waste products because, for example, our lymphatic system or blood circulation do not function optimally. Under favorable conditions, our body is able to excrete most waste products without problems through our excretory organs. Sometimes, however, it is desirable to support and stimulate the body in this. When there are too many waste products in the body, for example in our intestines, nutrients can no longer be absorbed properly.  ​ 4. Nutrition Nutrition maintains your cells and provides them with fuel. Your daily diet is one of the most important components for a fit and healthy body and a sharp mind. Certain foods are not tolerated equally well by everyone. This may be a temporary issue. This can change for the better through targeted nutritional advice. It is important that you consume the right foods, appropriate for your constitution and circumstances, and in the right quantities. ​ 5. Mental well-being In addition to the previous principles, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects influence your health and well-being. Being aware of your limiting thinking and behavioral patterns is extremely important. This is for mental as well as physical well-being. Worries or other mental tensions can cause many complaints, such as stomach complaints, headaches or cramped muscles. You learn to change, break through or let go of obstructive thinking and behavioral problems in a healthy way. This is for the best possible recovery, but also to remain balanced in the future.

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