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Take a moment to relax and recover:

· Destress massage

· Deep tissue massage

· Sports massage

FROM €67

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Boost your physical and mental potential:

· Magnesium + infrared wrap 

· Magnesium + heat pad 

· Magnesium massage

FROM €89

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Connect to your unique inner-power: 

· Reiki 

· Reiki + massage

FROM €79

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Improve your alignment and mobility:

· Fascia + posture assessment 

· Fascia cupping massage

FROM €89

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Paramedisch Centrum In de Praktijk...

IJburg , Amsterdam

IJburglaan 903, 1087 EN,  Amsterdam


Mo:   9am - 8pm

Tu:     9am - 6pm

We:   9am - 8pm

Th:     9am - 8pm

Fr:      9pm - 8pm

Sa:      11am - 6pm

Su:      closed


I'm here to
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"I would book Albert regularly and absolutely highly recommend him. His hands and technique and spiritual guidance are magical and I always feel renewed after a session. Can't wait for the next appointment."


"Zeer goed sport massage, Albert is grondig te werk gegaan om die vermoed spieren wat losser te krijgen; ik merkte een verschil in de sportschool de volgende dag :) 

Albert gaf ook een paar rekoefeningen om zeg te doen na het sporten om zo de spieren soepeler te houden."


"I can't recommend this enough. You will be met with a relaxed atmosphere, a holistic and individual approach. Albert is professional, clear, and he gives 100% to help you with your problem.

He is a pure soul walking on earth with immense talent and a beautiful aura."





Albert Garcia Ordinas

massage / fascia therapist, reiki master

My practice is dedicated to support physical and emotional wellbeing. As a former professional dancer I use all my knowledge and experience with physical movement and emotional expression to elevate the quality of my work. I listen to and look at everybody with a kind and understanding eye, providing a safe space for healing. My goal: strengthen your wellbeing beyond the treatment sessions, experiencing wellbeing as a lifestyle.

My expertise and qualifications:

· Fascia therapy

· Quiromassage

· Transformational cupping

· Manual lymph drainage

· Reiki Master

· Yin yoga TT 300+h

· Ashtanga yoga TT 200h

· Pranayama TT 150h

I am constantly challenging myself to expand my knowledge to being up to date with the latest bodywork therapy techniques for supporting physical and emotional recovery. 

I have a diploma in Western Medicine Fundamentals as well, because I believe traditional medicine and holistic practices can work together. Your wellbeing is my priority. 

Book your appointment here.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Albert G.

Registered BATC therapist

I work based on the 5 nature-oriented principles:


The five Nature-oriented principles

The treatments by a BATC therapist are based on the five nature-oriented principles. These principles arise from a number of natural laws. To be and remain healthy, each of these principles must be in balance, including their mutual coherence. The five principles are not only separate from each other, but are also interdependent on each other. They are like a wickerwork and influence each other. An example is that if someone does not consume enough good food, their energy balance will not be optimal. When someone worries a lot, this will also cost the body energy. Therefore, all five principles and their interrelationships need to be looked at. Below you can find, in the correct order, a concise explanation of the five nature-oriented principles according to BATC.

1. Energy

Everything in and around us consists of energy.

Energy is seen worldwide as the basis of life. Energy forms the basis of the BATC therapist's treatments. The principles of stimulus transfer, drainage, nutrition and mental well-being can only be worked on when your energy management is in order. Without energy the body does not function optimally and healing cannot take place. It is a first priority to ensure that you have sufficient energy, that there is a balanced flow of energy and that any blockages are removed.

2. Stimulus transfer

The transmission of stimuli is achieved via your nervous system. Stimuli are sent via the nervous system to the rest of your body via the brain. But also the other way around, stimuli are sent from your body to your brain. The nervous system is the communication network or 'telephone line' of your body. Pain stimuli, for example, have a function to respond correctly and quickly in certain situations. The stimulus transfer also ensures that certain signals, for example about what you need for recovery, are passed on to the body. Good stimulus transmission is indispensable for proper functioning and recovery.

3. Drainage

In daily life, our body regularly has to deal with overload due to waste products. Some external causes may be: inhaling polluted air (heavy metals) or certain substances such as pesticide residues, dioxins or certain additives in our diet. In addition, our body itself can create an overload of waste products because, for example, our lymphatic system or blood circulation do not function optimally. Under favorable conditions, our body is able to excrete most waste products without problems through our excretory organs. Sometimes, however, it is desirable to support and stimulate the body in this. When there are too many waste products in the body, for example in our intestines, nutrients can no longer be absorbed properly. 

4. Nutrition

Nutrition maintains your cells and provides them with fuel. Your daily diet is one of the most important components for a fit and healthy body and a sharp mind. Certain foods are not tolerated equally well by everyone. This may be a temporary issue. This can change for the better through targeted nutritional advice. It is important that you consume the right foods, appropriate for your constitution and circumstances, and in the right quantities.

5. Mental well-being

In addition to the previous principles, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects influence your health and well-being. Being aware of your limiting thinking and behavioral patterns is extremely important. This is for mental as well as physical well-being. Worries or other mental tensions can cause many complaints, such as stomach complaints, headaches or cramped muscles. You learn to change, break through or let go of obstructive thinking and behavioral problems in a healthy way. This is for the best possible recovery, but also to remain balanced in the future.

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