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Relaxing DeStress massage 

A full body massage including head and face massage, designed to promote an overall feeling of wellbeing. Encouraging your body and mind to release tensions, as well as activating the body’s cleansing process, enhancing blood circulation and a natural skin glow.

Pressure: soft, medium or strong

Deep tissue massage

A treatment that targets the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue. It combines slow movements with deeper pressure, aiming to enhance recovery from chronic pains or aches, muscular tension release and promote physical wellbeing.

Pressure: medium, strong

Sports massage

A massage designed to maintain the body’s optimal condition and lower the risk of injury. Perfect if you are looking to release muscular tension and promote relaxation after an athletic or intense physical work. Enhance your physical performance by welcoming a massage which provides fast movements and stretches to enhance blood flow circulation, warming up the muscles and deeper tissues for your best physical practice.

Pressure: soft, medium, or strong


Massage with Reiki

A full body relaxing massage combined with a final relaxation that integrates energy balancing techniques. Designed to promote an overall feeling of wellbeing, connect deeper with your physical, mental and emotional bodies, strengthening your awareness and consciousness whilst expanding your energy.

Pressure: soft, medium, or strong 


Is an energy balancing practice, guiding you to a state of relaxation so that your body can restore to its optimal physical, emotional, and mental balance to reach a state of harmony. During a Reiki treatment you can remain dressed and I use my hands to apply gentle touch on different parts of the body, following a specific sequence of hand positioning tailored to your goals and needs for your treatment. I am here to support and empower you.

40 MINUTES ....... €55
60 MINUTES ....... €75
75 MINUTES ....... €93

90 MINUTES ....... €111
120 MINUTES ....... €144
Innersense Flow Massage
90 MINUTES ....... €135



Yin yoga

A tailored yoga practice designed for you to deepen the connection between emotion, mind and body. Postures are held between 2-5 minutes or sometimes longer, and sequences are made to target specific areas of the body: deep connective tissues and organs. This guided practice invites you to expand awareness and personal connection to learn how you can release physical and emotional tensions. A perfect practice to enhance recovery from pains, injuries, stress or emotional blockages. I will be guiding you every step of the way. 

Yang-Yin yoga

This class combines a Yang flow: gently warming up, moving through a sequence of postures designed to strengthen the body and mind, with personal attention to physical alignment. Followed by a Yin sequence: where the postures are held between 3-5 minutes, focusing on the deep connective tissues and organs in the body. Promoting optimal health, enhance physical and emotional awareness, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Gentle flow

A beautiful practice that focuses on gently warming up the body and dedicated to enhance mobility and flexibility for a better everyday posture and awareness.